Add a Listing

Here is information on how to add a Property Listing by a Real Estate Agent.

We do all the work for you on the first listing and the first listing is Free. The listing will be displayed for either 6 months or until sold, whichever comes first.
We want you to try our site and watch it grow, so for the next several months we will allow any agent in the State of New York to list 1 property absolutely free.
After the first listing, you can list as many properties as you like for just $25.00 per listing until sold. We will also be matching agents to customers. If a customer makes an inquiry about a certain city, we will give that lead to a agent that has listings in that city for free.
This becomes a win-win for any agent to at least post a few listings.

To have your listing placed in all you have to do is complete this short form and we will enter all the information for you within 24 hours and email you a link to view to completed listing when it is live on the site.

Okay, you are all ready to start! For your Free Listing please complete the form below. If you already used your free listing and would like to add another listing for $25.00 per listing than please follow this link instead. Add another listing for $25.00 here.

Real Estate Listings
e.g., "123 Main St"
e.g., "Anytown"
By checking the this box, you grant us permission to import your listing information and place it in our website.
This could be your personal website, a company website, a public MLS site or any other website. Just copy and paste the link from that site here.
e.g., "123 Main St" NY, NY.
A more detailed description
If using a photo that is already online, you can insert the URL here. This is for the Agent Profile.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Or if you would like to upload the photo, this would be a good spot. This is for the Agent Profile.

After you click Submit you will be taken to a page to make a payment. If this is your first listing than no payment is required. If you make a payment you will see a charge on your credit card for $25.00 from City to City Marketing LLC, our Parent Company.